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Bro. Derek,

Yes I read you other articles. What I find often is that most of the people I deal with were raised in the church. Few people really have problems with the KJV if they really want to learn but I do often use many other types for reference also. I agree the other versions, especially the Message Bible and the NIV are great helps but they are written for a denominational view just as parts of the KJV had to be altered to keep the king happy.

Remember though the point of the thread was to address the reliability of modern (so to speak) translations not the ease of understanding.

The NISB is available in most bookstores including the one on our website at (shameless I know but whatever). My understanding is that Kay Arthur had it translated for study purposes and she promotes it very heavily. It was finished in 1995 and is also refered to as the NASB Updated.

Good to have you back by the way!

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