The Asian situation

I was looking at geographic studies this morning as well as satellite views of the area. I looked at what was once a deep harbor port of the coast of Sumatra that before the quake was over 1/2 mile deep and now the satellite pics show the bottom and it is less than 200′ down. Almost all of the ports have to be opened to deep water traffic again as the plates have not only moved Sumatra but the ports too

Afew days back the death toll had just crossed 150,000 for all of the area. Tday in yahoo reports the toll exceeds that figure on just Sumatra and Indonesia alone.

The only basic areas being rehabed right now are resorts on Thailand,and others,The death toll from disease is going up expontentially and will increase if more of the thousands of bodies still laying on the ground atren’t moved.

India is the most impossible of the areas,They are reporting about thirty thousand deaths and in all truthfulness that will not cover the toll, in the two provinces adjacent to Kerala there is probably that(30k) with thousands still left dead in the streets. Our organization is beginning our work in a small province of less than 30,000 before the tsunami and 1 in three died there. Pray for us the finances are not good, I can’t go because they have been taught to hate whites

I received pictures that literally broke me this morning. If you are not rich ,hindu or your family is in the government 6 out of 10 will probably face death in the next ten days.

There are innumerable provinces in India that are like separate Goverments. Most of these provinces speak different languages or dialects. Many of them live in hatred of those in the next province and speak different dialects.

Getting aid to these people is almost impossible because this hatred has to be overcome and it is centuries old.

Bear in mind only about 60% of the popualation Had a birth that was government registered. That means up to 5 million people could disappear and there would be no records.

In the thousands on thousands washed to sea remember this part of the Indian Ocean is an incubation laboratory for many species of sharks. Among them are the great whites and tiger groups.

When the water came inland it was bad but when the water washed back to sea, that effect took many bodies for into the sea.

That imaginary figure for the two horses may have already been exceeded.

I know many of you dispute that this may be part of the time just before Jesus,well we are in aplace in time that your disagreement may not mean a thing.

use yahoo and Google search to look into this your self and look up the shifting of the harbors


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