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Since with the passing of the millineum and in this time period we have moved to the 7000 Yr since Adam. Have 2 of the horses of Rev 6 ridden.

Maybe are we afraid to look honestly at this??

There is a strong possibilty that this death toll may soar way beyond where it is By the time diseases have run their course The toll’s may reach way into the millions. All of the major health aid groups are saying there may not be enough money in the world to fix this.

3 towns in Indonesia did not have enough living left to bury the dead and the toll from those three places reached 30K.

Are we maybe closer to the time of the Lord than dreamed.??

There are those of you with PHD’s in the doctrine ARG (argument) that will have a field day with this. and some of you will seriously look at this. That’s all I hope for.

If you are looking for a debate on this philosphy don’t bother, The Lord didn’t call me to indulge in silly games with those who profess wisdom and deal with folly.

The next step will be character assassination and that really only reflects on you.

This is not a debate issue but a question to answer from your heart and all else will be ignored by me

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