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Apologetics is a branch of systematic theology, although some experience it’s thrust in religious studies or philosophy of religion courses. Some encounter it on the internet for the first time in a more populist and usually much less academic form. As I see it, apologetics is primarily concerned with the protection of a religious position, the refutation of that position’s assailants and, in the larger sense, the exploration of that position in the context of prevailing philosophies and standards in a secular society. Apologetics, to put it slightly differently, is concerned with answering critical inquiries, criticism of a position, in a rational manner. Apologetics is not possible, it seems to me anyway, without a commitment to and a desire to defend a position. For me, the core of my postion I could express in one word: Revelation. With that said, though, the activity I engage in, namely, apologetics, is a never ending exercise.

The apologetics that concerns me is not so much Christian apologetics but Baha’i apologetics. There are many points of comparison and contrast, though, which I won’t go into here. Christians have the opportunity at this site to defend Christianity by the use of apologetics. And so it is that I give Christians here an opportunity to defend their position vis-a-vis the Baha’i teachings. In the process both you and I will, hopefully, learn something about our respective Faiths, our religions, which we hold to our hearts dearly.

At the outset, then, in this my first posting, my intention is simply make this start. To state what you might call “my apologetics position.” This brief statement indicates, in broad outline, where I am and will be coming from in the weeks, months and, perhaps, years ahead. -Ron Price with thanks to Udo Schaefer, “Baha’i Apologetics?” Baha’i Studies Review, Vol. 10, 2001/2002.


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