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Thank you Almighty God for answering our prayers! Several people prayed that God intervenes to extend my work contract so I could stay with my family longer in France- God intervened and by a miracle the contract has been extended until March 2005 (earlier December 2004 was the deadline). This gives me more time to find a job with the company and stay longer in France. We came from Australia two years ago with our children and really enjoy the work, the country and the church here. It will be a shame to go now. Unfortunately because I have an unfair boss who does not appreciate my work the contract was being ended. Please continue to pray for a miracle that my boss and company see my good work and give me time to stay 4 years as originally agreed but now reduced in time because my boss is not happy. Please pray for my boss , my company, my family that everything works out and we do not have to disrupt our kids schooling. Love to you all. God does answer prayers he is GREAT and Almighty and I thank you all. LOve. Raja

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