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Amy Tatrow

Hello everyone. I am a “newbie” in more than one way. I’m new to Praize but also a brand new Christian. I was baptised into God’s family on June 25th of this year. I am feeling so blessed, but am also a bit overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once and soak up all of the glory of God in this world. I am 38 yrs old and never attended church or anything till this past spring so I am feverishly trying to absorb the Word of God. I live in a small town and while I love the home church I’ve found it doesn’t provide alot of resources so I am hoping to make some connections here for discussion and learning and just sharing the good news. I have no clue what to do here, hoping to find some “friends” to chat with or exchange messages with. Thanks for reading about me.

Amy in Michigan

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