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A good friend of mine who is nurse practitioner and also a deacon in our church loves to tell this story..Many years ago our church was going through some turmoil and had asked for holy happenings. One Sunday morning a new guest came to visit. He arrived alone, sat on the 2nd pew to the front alone, and was dressed strangely but nicely in a white suit. He didn’t arrive early enough for conversation but quite close to time for the service to start so no one really had time to go up and introduce themselves. He sat there through the entire service and when church was over my deacon friend went up to introduce himself. The man was gone. No one saw him come in, no one saw him leave, and no one ever got to talk to him. That week our pulpit committee selected one of the most endearing ministers our church has ever seen and the youth group exploded in ministry! Beware of visitors in all white, they might just turn your church upside down!!

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