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Diane Miller wrote:


Thank you so much! It’s about time this got explained!! The thing is…you didn’t answer the question!! So: What animal would you be, and WHY?

lol, ok I just happened to stumble across your post, and it sounds like you guys have really been going ’round with this and no one has yet answered your question! well I will, hehe, I think it’s a cute and interesting question, and I think I would be a… tiger, I’m not sure why other than not too many things go after a tiger too kill them. plus I think they’re an awsome creation of God and are just another awsome example of God’s power. and in response to alicia, losen up, if we Christians can’t have a sence of humor about these things who can? I mean it’s not a question to take seriousely or any thing just a humorouse question. it also gets you thinking about all the beautiful anlimals God has created and there purposes, wich IS more that to just be cute. God Bless Ya’all

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