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I am with Becca, I would like to be a bird, because I also think it would be cool to fly. I also think the world is a wounderfull place and if I could fly it I would be able to see all the wounderfull things God created.

I also think that you all have been getting up set over harmless fun. God did not put us on the earth to be boring and what do the lost people think of us when we are always boring, I will tell you what they think, they look at us and they say to them selfs I dont want to be like them because they dont have fun and they are not happy. We should have fun the sin comes in when you go to far with the fun, if you know what I mean. Sorry about that I kind of got cared away but I get upset when people say things like you have to her, to me when all I am trying to do is have little fun.

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