Where are the young idealists? Where are people willing to devote their lives to causes bigger than themselves? As you read this, they are in a country foreign and chaotic, straddling the divide between insanity and order.

Everyday I see American fatalities on the news. No matter what station; there they are. We sit here helpless while our young future generation is fighting and dieing. We don’t want to be there. Our families don’t want our troops there. The majority of Iraqis don’t want our troops there. And most of all, our SOLDIERS DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE.

I am trying to organize care packages and donations to be sent over-seas to our troops to ease the pain of their situation. Many of them have missing or dead friends. Care packages may incude cash, food, books, sunglasses, playing cards, flea collars, sunscreen, Bibles, etc, etc, etc. Whatever you believe will liven the spirits of our soldiers and bring them home sooner.

For they are our future!

Donations and packages may be sent to:

Justin Williams

1201 N Alvernon Way apt18

Tucson, AZ 85712

Donations include cash, check or money order.

I will try to send out packages as soon as recieved.

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