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Tim Simmons

Okay, first of all, I want to say something. I understand that some teenagers love to date and things like that, but some of you are not serious enough about it. Dating and relationships is NOT a necessity. Okay! I came in here, hoping to talk to some mature christian teens about relationships and what the Bible says, and all that I see is a bunch of threads saying “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend!” and “Would you like to date me?” That really bugs me.

Now, I am not going insane over this, not a huge issue. I just want to point out how idiotic that realy is. Not only are you making yourself seem desperate and sometimes not so smart, but you are also placing yourself at risk for bad people to come and hunt you down. Yeah I know, it’s Praize. Who cares? We are on the internet! Anyone can come onto this site and mess with you guys! So, please think abouit what you are typing before you do so.

Another thing, if you do get into a relationship, which you’ll be pretty lucky if you do it through here, won’t it be lots of fun to have a long distance relationship with someone that you just met over The INTERNET!!! I don’t care that you met them on Praize, once again, you could be talking to a fifty year old man!

If I forgot something I will add a bit later on.

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