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diana morel

Hi everyone….well I just don’t know how to start….Well, first I want to thank the Lord for each and every blessing he has given me…..he is so wonderful and merciful…..the reason why I am so blessed is because my life is going so well. I will be graduating college on friday, I have a wonderful family, I have a wonderful boyfriend of 9 years (now that’s a BLESSING), I am financially stable, I have great friends….I don’t mean to boast, I’m just very content in my life. Sometimes I feel like pinching myself to make sure that everything REAL!….my thing is that I thank the Lord for his blessings, and I mean them from the bottom of my heart, but there is just one thing….I don’t cry out of Joy…..you see I’m not an emotional human being…I only cry if something bad really happens…….now when I go to church I see people praising the Lord and crying giving him thanks for everything that they have….is it bad not to cry when giving thanks to the Lord…..i feel bad at times…..

This might sound silly to some, but it’s something that plays in my mind…..I would appreciate if someone can give me some advise, a pastor, etc…..

thanks in advance

May God Bless You

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