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Adam and adam, The Man Adam and mankind. Plus, the four principle Hebrew words translated “man” in our English Bibles; With definitions

Let’s realize the difference between adam (mankind) and Adam (The Man Adam from the Garden). We see in {Gen 6:3} that Adam (the word man used here is haa-Aadaam in the Manuscripts, meaning, The man Adam (8th day) and his progeny (offspring); not aadaam which simply means mankind, or the sixth day men and their families. In the Hebrew language the word aadaam means mankind). Now when you place the definite article (haa) and the particle (‘eth) with aadaam, you have ‘eth- haa-aadaam = This very same Man Adam. It is very emphatic, it is speaking of one particular individual out of all. eth- haa-aadaam occurs in {Gen 2:7,8,15} and {Gen 6:4} (list not comprehensive). These articles (haa) and particles (‘eth) are not used in English as they are in Hebrew.

Hebrew word #853: ‘eth

Sign (marker) of the definite direct object, not translated in English but generally preceding and indicating the accusative case

Below we see that what is translated as ‘daughters of men’ is really ‘daughters of the man Adam,’ there is a difference!

Gen 6:2

2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. (KJV)

In the Hebrew language there are four principle words rendered ‘man’ in our English translation of the Old Testament Hebrew Bible (spelling varies):

Aadaam = denotes his origin, as from the dust of the “Adamah.” man or mankind.

Aadaam with the article it is haa-aadaam = The man Adam.

Aadaam with the article and particle it is eth- haa-aadaam = this very self-same man Aadaam (very emphatic).

‘Ish = in regards to sex, male.

‘Enosh = has regards to his infirmities, as physically mortal, and as to character, incurable. Know for their moral depravity.

Geber = has regards to strength, a mighty man.

In {Gen 6:4} we see three out of the above four, as well as the Giants which is Napiliym or of the fallen:

Gen 6:4

4 There were giants [= Ha-Napiliym] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men [=daughters of (the man) ‘Adam], and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men [= Geber] which were of old, men of renown [= Enosh]. (KJV)

But anyway, in {Gen 6:3} Adam had become like the rest of the mankind, i.e., corrupt, sinful like the 6th day creation, and thus all their lives were shortened to a maximum of 120 years. Thus they had become ‘mortal’, meaning, liable to die someday.

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