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Dear Friends:

This is a Cry for Help and a Prayer Request. About 2 1/2 years ago this Man came into my life with a sad story that I’m going to share some with you, today. He had hitched hiked about 600 miles to meet me, and start a new life, along the way he was jumped, and beaten badly by three men. They held a gun to his head, and stole all of his money. Then they kicked him in the ribs and left him for dead. A state policeman picked him up because a little old lady pulled over and called 911. So when he got here I took him to the hospital. They never caught the Men. He never got his money back. He started a job roofing, and then had a heartattach a year later, that made number four, and now he can not work at all. He can not go back to work outside in the heat, and that is all that he knows. He does not have a car or a job. His Benefits were denied twice. Then last week his Mother died, and we took a trip to Ohio to bury her. I am about to lose my home and the bills keep piling up. We have no where else to go, and they will be turning off our power soon, We do not have a phone just this computer that is also going to be cut off, and I am looking for a job right now, however I have been sick also.

I am praying that a Angel will hear this cry. . .Thank you so much for hearing and answering our prayers.

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