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should have written this a couple of days back when it first came to mind. Most of you have much ministry on the names of God but there is a legend around them.

It goes something like this: There were two hebrew young men that were acquaintences at best walking together when one got into some difficulty. His companion came to his aid and before they left the one who received aid told the other one of his names. He said to him,you are the only one who knows that name, call it if you are ever in need. I when I hear it, & will know you called and I will come to you quickly.

A little background on this;when a hebrew young man reaches maturity it is revealed to him the names of family that passed on before him that have been given for him to carry on.

The young man may have 30 or more names that HE is called to but never uses until appropriate.

He may give one of those names to a covenant partner to call in time of need.

God has many names that we have found out available to the familY only. When one of those names are called he knows only the family would call that and he responds quickly

The names of God are his nature revealed to us and we only have to call and we can know by his nature he cannot refuse to hear.



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