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I’m amazed at how broken this world is. Just look at this forum–how many aching hearts are crying here. I wonder how the response will be like if someone will bring the salvation message by sharing “Jesus loves you and He wants to heal your broken hearts”. Overwhelming, I supposed.

Personally I’ve gone through many things (it will take me ages to write down everything), and I know exactly what it’s like to hurt. There are so many times when i ask God the big question, ‘why, God, WHY?’ Life seems unfair, but it’s all because we have yet to look at God’s point of view.

It’s a miracle that I’m still surviving and in fact, by the grace of God, am be becoming stronger through the pressure. It was through the storms that i knew that God loves me and He has got His hands over my life. I do wonder why God has to take all to the trouble to preserve me over and over again, but God must have cared so much to do so.

When God told me that I had to go tyhrough all these because he has called me to the hurting world, I though WHY. Why this ministry, why not some others which does not require so much painful experiences. i used to think that it’s not an important ministry, but now I do.

When God reassured me that if I will yield to Him, He will turn everything for good (Romans 8:28), and no pain shall be wasted. After having gone through so much, I’m determined to make every full use of my pain. I now can fully (or almost, except for physical/sexual abuse, and relationship problems) understand what it’s like to hurt. And I know that one way to make sure that it does not go to waste is to share my esperiences with the hurting world with the hope to help them. Oh what a blessing it is to see people receiving the healing love of God. Oh how much I do not long to see people hurting the same way I did, if possible.

If you are hurting, I am willing to help by the grace of God. But do bear in mind that I’m not experiences in relationship problems

email me at luvly_4ng3l87@hotmail.com or iluvyeshualuvsme@yahoo.com

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