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If I was to say to you that a flea hears with its legs, you would say; not true, but I still might find people that believe me.

To prove that a flea hears with its legs you need an A4 white paper and a flea, but maybe more than one for they escape easily.

Put the flea on the paper and shout at it: Flea jump!

The flea will jump

Catch the flea if you can or use another flea, and break off all of its legs.

Put the flea back on the paper, and again shout at it: Flea jump!

The flea will not jump, surprise, surprise!

Conclusion: a flea hears with its legs

We have proved it!

Lets say you would have believed it a 1000 years ago.

Then I could have become very famous, appearing on each and every newspaper. Saying; this is the man who proved a flea in fact hears with its legs. Amazing!!!

I could have gone around the world and preach this amazing gospel! It could have become a big organization. But then out of the blue, a nerdy scientist proves that in fact a flea is totally deaf, let alone hears with its legs! How did he prove that?

Furthermore he criticized the previous suggestion, because it is cruel to break off the fleas legs-thus converting mankind into flea lovers.

People even kept whole colonies in their hair, and washed their hair only once a month because it is so stressful for the fleas they say.

Another came and said: the best way to keep these fleas was in your pants. So everybody was scratching in their pants, even took off their pants to scratch!

Then someone said: they give you a kick-start! But this confused the fleas, for they no longer knew whether they should kick or bite!!

Someone then said: this is all O.K, but what if Christ comes and finds everybody with his or her pants down?

Then everybody started laughing. They say even Satan laughed, although someone had to tickle him for a week, before he burst out in laughter.

Well that was the end, of Satan anyway, for he burst!

As you can maybe recognize yourself in this story; have a good laugh at yourself, I did.

But, the important thing about this story is: everything was true, except for the conclusion.

And where did it take us? It was true the flea did not jump.

At least: humans are still catching fleas, but no flea caught any human again?

The reason God made cats is logically for the fleas, someone said.

Another said shut up!!! That’s why cats don’t speak!!!

The last important thing to remember about the pants down scenario is; one could easily get confused with where the smell comes from and think it is coming from the nose, however it is not as you would know, this only says; keep an open mind about the behinds….

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