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Greetings from pakistan

Dear freind we are 2% christian among this muslim community in our country.

Our chrisitan people are resourseless and they have to depend on muslims for

there social and ecnomic servival. Most of our children are studing in government

school where they have to study the islamic subjects.being in islamic envirment

they get least chance to explore holy spirit in there lives. And we have seen

those children learn the islamic verses by heart but they dont know how to pray

to jesus christ. Thats why many of our youth is converting to islam. in the this

situation Faith and Hope Ministry has taken the step of Bible school, Adult education center,Group of elders. And prayer serveses team. WE all are working to spread the work of God.

Now we have started going to other villages as well. To meet the people and

give them the word of God.These are the villages where no pastor reaches and

christian dont know much about jesus. Now we want to start sunday schools in

those villages. In our city we have 23 children coming but nowadays only 19

children are coming becouse of cold becouse we dont have windows in that room

the children those are coming were given warm cloths by Grace Bible Church.

Plz pray that we may have our own school building becouse this is a room of christian man and he may take it back any time he wants.


plz keep praying for our school,


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