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A faith born of fear

The demand of an unquestioning faith is a faith that fears examination. Such demands are not made by God, but by men seeking to impose their will upon others. For unlike a lie, the light of examination does not trouble the truth, but upholds it.

One does not need to try and rationalize what is inspired of God, for it is not absurd, does not contradict, nor confuse, but is easily understood from the simplest to greatest; yet, apologist must try and rationalize many things within the Bible. For faith in God and faith in the Bible are not one and the same. Dung is dung regardless of where it is found, and anyone who claims that God commanded the butchery of men, women and children is not called of God, but is a self-called preacher of dung!

If people believe evil things said of God, evil will be done in His name. It is time for God’s people to quit being intellectually dishonest with self and with God, claiming that they approve of men, women and children being hacked to death as long as it is claimed that it was commanded by God. For there is no difference between the false bloody one of 1 Samuel 15:2-3 and that one whom the loonies of 9/11 served.

Children of God, what say you? Did the Spirit of Truth affirm within your Spiritual heart that what is said of God in 1 Samuel 15:2-3 speaks truthfully of your Heavenly Father? Have you, in seeking to please men, crucified your mind that you may swallow camels? Is it out of bondage to fear of unbelief that you pretend to not understand that such perverse things said of God are wicked?

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Multiple sites dedicated to those, who before the age of reason, was lead into bondage to an unrighteous fear of God, through fear of unbelief in Biblical claims that promote self-hatred and passive ignorance. And to the atheist, whose mind is made hostile towards belief in God, because of abominable things that the wicked have said of God, yet are proclaimed by the self-called to be His spokesmen. And to the agnostics, who in being truthful with self and with God, have refused to please men by crucifying their mind to believe in superstitious mumbo-jumbo that is claimed by the self-appointed to be divinely inspired truth.

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