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Presently I’m busy with rewriting my arguments concerning Galatians 1:15-24 versus Acts 9:1-31 and Galatians 2:1-21 versus Acts 15:1-35, so I don’t have time to fully engage in a debate.

However, I will point out a typical mistake you make in arguing against what I say. I have never said the Bible is void of any truth of God. Much of what believe of God comes directly from the Bible. Yet because my faith is in God alone, rather than in what men say of God, I’m not caused to cast aside sound thinking and crucify my mind to believe without question whatever the Bible says of God.

My purpose in using 1 Samuel 15: 2-3 is to try and cause one to truthfully reexamine what an unquestioning faith in the Bible requires them to believe of God. For I truly believe that no child of God can truthfully be comfortable believing that God would command such vile things. And nor can they truthfully claim to love one who would do such things. Truth is not just a word!

The following is a response to the issue of 1 Samuel 15: 2-3 that I posted on another site:



“Now when we study the history and the geo-poitical events going on at the time of the Israelites (which I’m sure you have), you know that the Amalekites were a vicious people who tortured and killed their enemies.”


“I don’t know any such thing…and I AM an Israelite!”


“So, just as God gave the laws pertaining to the cleansing of food (esp meats and dairy products) to the Israelites not to be harsh but to protect them from disease,* should any of the Amalekites been left, like bacteria from bad food, they would have destroyed the “Chosen People.”


“Even the children and babies? Do you realize that your rationale for this genocide is EXACTLY the same one Hitler used for his extermination of the Jews? Change the word “Amelekites” to “Jews” and the words “Chosen People” to “Master Race,” and YOU’VE GOT IT! There is not one bit of difference. Hitler also thought he was doing God’s will, of course.

It is standard procedure when one ethnic group defeats another, often committing the most brutal atrocities in the process, to justify said atrocities after the fact by slandering the exterminated ones with some variation on “they deserved it” or “they had it coming.” And since they are all dead, they are hardly in a position to refute the charges! You can say they were inhuman monsters who tortured and killed their prisoners; that they held beliefs that led to immortality, child sacrifice, the destruction of the family, cannibalism, sorcery, suicide, you-name-it–and therefore they HAD to be wiped out for the good of society.

This kind of slander and rationale for genocide is exactly the kind of thing I hear to this day about the Albigensians, brutally massacred in the 13th century by the Inquisition using the French king as their ally and surrogate. But I’m sure you know all that.

Unfortunately I think my ancestors really did mean that passage literally, not realizing how embarrassing it would be to their descendants! For the most part, we modern Jews interpret the passages about Amelek and the Amelekites symbolically. We really have no choice, unless we want to make ourselves Nazis after the fact.”


It is time for the children of God to wake up!


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