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These people were obviously not true born-again Christians. In the Bible it says: “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” God desires for the world to be at peace- this is what he wanted at the beginning of time in Genesis 1. But man messed everything up, and you know how the story goes. If not read Genesis!

But my point is: killing in the name of God and religion all goes much deeper. Those people were not born again CHristians through Jesus CHrist!

I have noticed that when people don’t need God, they say “There is no God! My life is great I don’t need HIm to help me!” And then something happens and they either A) Blame it on God (Even though there isn’t one) or B) Turn to Him and beg him to help them.

That’s all i have to say i think this is a waste of time (i agree with John Crawford)

But i would challenge Him to answer the same question: What is truth?

My answer: simple- what I said when i was a little girl (it will never forget this) Truth is God and whatever He says

Oh how precious is the faith of a child!


W Harrington wrote:

“So if you are seeking peace, then keep reading the Bible and learn about Jesus and the ‘god of peace.'”

More blood has been shed in the name of God by religions claiming Biblical authority than by all the other religions combined.

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