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Crawford, you just don’t get it? My replies are not and never were intended for you, but is intended for others. It would be a waste of my time trying to reason with you, for it is self-evident to me that you are determined to crucify your mind and cast aside common sense to swallow camels. Your arguments do not betray simplicity in thinking and therefore, I must assume that they are due to pride and vanity. You’re kind would rather that others believe God is a butcher, than to have to admit that you were deceived into believing primitive and foolish things said of God.

None of your arguments are based upon anything that God has personally told you, but are based solely upon what men have said of God. Thus, you faith is not in God alone, as it should be, but is in what men have said of God! And it is for this very reason that you believe perverse things that primitive and superstitious men have said of God.

You whine about my choice of using 1 Samuel 15:2-3 as an example of things said falsely of God. Well, I’m not here to play paddy-cakes with the religious, but to expose Biblical absurdities. I have been posting my arguments for many years now and seen every loony reason the religious can offer to try and justify perversions like 1 Samuel 15:2-3. And in the end, they all come off sounding like what the morons of 9/11believed of God. For what is believed of God is more important than believing in a God.

In the end, we shall be called to stand before God and asked to explain why we argued this matter of 1 Samuel 15:2-3. There, you shall not be able to claim that you believed it because God himself affirmed it, the very best that you’ll be able to claim is you believed it because you were afraid not to! Whereas, I can truthfully say that I was commanded to feed the sheep!


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