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We started it on Sunday, October 17, 2004.  So this will go on until about November 3, 2004, if I counted right.  We are basing it on how Daniel prayed and the angel said he had gone out as soon as he started praying, but it took 21 days to get to Daniel, because the angel was fighting with the “Prince of Persia.”

Any how, this is our items we are praying for (Please remember to keep our political leaders in prayer for them to do the will of God).

1.)  For Renee’s brand new Mercades SUV 2005 (this is important so he can go places     without depending on his mother to drive him there)

2.)  Transfer of wealth to him.  

3.)  Salem (his daughter) to have creative miracles.

4.)  Open a door with his (Renee’s) pastor.

5.)  For me to have favor with a good business partner.

6.)  Anna’s deliverance.

7.)  Open door with Ray Comfort (We need connection with him to discuss certain important things, especially related to prophecy).

Remember to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.

Thank you for your fervent prayers for all the saints.

—Melissa C.


Melissa C. The Balloon Lady

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