Day 5 Confessions

5. Day Five Confessions


I have an excellent mind; the Spirit of God in me has given me extraordinary amplitude of comprehension; therefore I’m circumspect, and pay attention to details in every endeavor; the end of which is an excellent finish all the time! Blessed be the Lord!

I’m fully persuaded that greater is He that’s in me that he that’s in the world, therefore no adversity or adverse circumstance can overwhelm me because I’m more than a conqueror. I’m convinced of my eternal victory over Satan and the world, therefore I rejoice in the Lord my God.

I take unto myself the whole armor of God and stand firm as a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am fully equipped to extinguish all the fiery darts of the devil and render all his stratagems futile and empty. With me in the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and I endure hardness as a soldier of Christ.

Blessed Lord Jesus, I believe with all my heart and declare with my mouth that you’re Lord over my life. I walk in the consciousness and revelation of your Lordship over my life today, and every day of this year. Hallelujah! I refuse to struggle for anything because all things are mine! I’m the possessor of all things because I’m the seed of Abraham. My faith is producing results for me today as I act on the Word. I’m walking in the reality of who I am in Christ-an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ, in Jesus’ Name,Amen.

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Written by Rev. Jay Smull
This is the pastor and his wife. We are working towards being able to be full time in ministry for the Lord. We have a home based business that has helped many save on what they already do and write off new taxes. We have been helping families and individuals get the finances they need as well. We have had our own businesses for over 25 years and can help others on how to make the right choices. I am a pastor and a computer technician. My wife is a homemaker of 6 out of our 11 children who are still home and homeschooling. She also builds websites and hosts peoples websites at We love to talk about the Lord and work with others. Feel free to talk to us! Let's all star working towards making God's world a better place!
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