Becoming A Different Toy

Now I’ve been told that the Purpose of life is to give glory to God through enjoying Him. My first thought was – That’s a great! But what about if you’re not a Christian? After a lot of thought I realized that whether you’re a Christian or not your purpose doesn’t change. We don’t decide our purpose. Our creator does.

Think to a time in your life where you’ve designed something; anything. You designed it to accomplish something to have a set purpose. If you are a toy car, you can’t decide one day to become a toy robot. Just like if you design a car: you designed it to be a car, and that’s what its purpose is. The car can’t just suddenly pull out of the garage one day and decide that it now wants to be an airplane and fly. 

For me to say, whether you are Christian or not, that the purpose of your life is to Give Glory to God, is extremely single minded. To argue with me though, questions what are the alternatives? Even look at the issue on a lower level: what are the alternatives to Christianity – Evolution – That man came from Monkeys?

Everyone knows of course that you can argue it both ways. Will science ever be able to prove the big bang? Evolution? The Bible? Is there already proof and are we just to blind to see it? Science is continually discovering things. Things like the dead sea scrolls, things like fossils and bones. Back and forth, and back and forth I’m sure that it will go on throughout our entire lives.

I’ve heard both arguments, several times, as I’m sure all have. This isn’t about my opinion but rather: Either source that you choose to believe in is a risk. What you must decide for yourself is what risk is more valuable to take.

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