Your Identity In Christ

You are a spirit critter in an earthsuit (body); you are not a physical being with a spirit. Here’s proof: God is Spirit and you were created in His image; Jesus is Spirit; the Holy Spirit is Spirit; angels are spirit critters; Satan is a spirit critter; demons are spirit critter; lost folks are dead-spirit […]

I want to know about Jesus

Who is Jesus? Jesus was born about 2000 years ago and he did some amazing things in his life. Jesus wandered throughout Israel and taught, healed, and did miraculous works. He lived to be 33 years old when the leaders and people of Israel killed him. Why do people still read about him? Jesus is […]

Press On – Never Quit

From the time you said yes you knew it was coming. As a Christian, you have long understood the toll of following Christ and the dues you have to pay as a servant. Going out of your comfort zones and being exposed to various sorts of humility-teaching- mission trips…going down the ditch just like what […]

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