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God's Divine Order

Patricia & Larry Sparks share about the coming outpouring of God's anointing

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prayer request

I am very sad but still strong!

May 10, 2019

Shalom! Today morning, I have been robbed very early and I lost my lap...

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Sad News

January 30, 2019

Please pray Urgent prayer request. "Pray for the Church in lndia. 20 c...

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Pray for Pastor Tun N of Myanmar

January 26, 2019

Thank you Sarah and Amen! Allen...

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blog post


May Fri 24 2019 - kishanku

 It's an amazing and well known

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Avail the best SEO Reseller Services to grow your business

May Fri 24 2019 - greentea

 Do you wish your product, brand or

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Snus Packing Machine

May Fri 24 2019 - suhanpacktech

Speed up your snus packing process with automatic

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Pope: Abortion is Never OK, Equates It to “Hiring a Hitman”


Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion can

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India's Christians See Danger in Hindu Nationalist Party's Victory


Christians have suffered intense levels of

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Left-Leaning Methodist Leaders Vow 'Resistance Tactics' to Fight Church's Support of Biblical Marriage


Hundreds of left-leaning United Methodist leaders

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April Blog

Another month, and the year is a quarter gone already.  I’d say I am getting lazy, but I do too much to say such a thing!  Anyway, I am glad I am getting to my blog early in the month. A lot going on here…...

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