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Tea Parties? Marches? Revolution?

Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” turned from willing to die for liberty to willing to kill for liberty! That line is no longer able to be crossed. Armed revolution is not an option. The British and the Colonists had equally matched muskets. Now the citizen’s best weapon is maybe an M-16 rifle – the government has an F-16 fighter …plus!

The same bitter pill the America’s Founding Fathers finally swallowed to escape government persecution by separating themselves must be made today.

Biblically & prophetically there are to be 'cities of refuge' and what if those sites were actual sovereign nations inside the USA like the Indian Nations? Hopefully the government would recognize these safe zones as alternatives to FEMA camps. Will prudent Christians foresee the coming evil and hide while the simple/foolish ones continue blindly on and are punished (Pr 22:3)? Come out from among the evil ones and don't handle their vile things and God will be our father and favor us as His children(2 Cor 6:17-18; Is 52)


Christian City Council votes for a resolution that:

• Abolishes property taxes

• Closes the public schools to end indoctrination of their children

• Creates a gold-backed monetary system to stabilize the economy

• Mandates 100% gun ownership to reduce crime

If you enjoyed the Left Behind series you will love to find out the positive steps Christians can take to avoid the coming persecution while reading how lawyers & government officials conspire to persecute Christians in the United States.

Christians seek to form a new nation inside the boundary of the United States based on the principles and precedence that authorizes the existing Indian Nations in America.

Gary Smalley, best selling author, calls For Love of Liberty "...a romantic and intriguing novel - a must read if you enjoy the drama of pitting the Christian life against present day evil".

Jerry Jenkins, co-author of Left Behind, judged a chapter in the SEPARATE series, placing it in the top five percent of the 2003 Writer's Digest Inspirational contest.

E. Ray Moore, Jr., Chaplain (Lt.Col.) USAR Ret, Founder of, acknowledged the plot's timeliness. "James Godson's stories describes social and cultural issues neglected in other Christian fiction that deserve a hearing in the body of Christ."

Order now to discover the only way to prudently hide AND avoid the foretold coming persecution and get FREE Shipping when you purchase both books

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Book 1 of the Separate series

For Love of Liberty, first in the five-book SEPARATE series, chronicles Lucius Black, star attorney for the New York based Strategy to Constrict the Unilateral Liberty of Religion, SECULAR, tries to stop Lakeside's aspirations of becoming a Christian Nation inside the United States. Councilman David Trimble, and the new majority of Christians on the city council, abolish property taxes to stop the funding of the public schools, and the chamber of commerce with the churches start a gold-backed currency. When the local police chief advocates one hundred per cent gun ownership, Lucius calls his boss for back-up. Hamilton Fisher, president of Secular, sends ex-con private eye Barry Stones who dies trying to maim the Trimble family on a rain-slick back road. Lucius challenges the councilman's involvement in the wreck; but David's testimony shines the light of Christ into the attorney's dark heart. The story culminates in a spiritual showdown between demons and angels outside the councilman's home.

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Book 2 in the Separate series

Byron Whitacre had survived the first terrorist bombing in America. Now the government was going cashless – no more money, just ‘plastic’ and checks. Stopping the funding of radicals was their justification. But the “Intolerants”, slang for Christians at Homeland Security, already started using the ‘Goldie’. They said it was like the old travelers checks and they claimed to have amassed a billion dollars of gold to back it. And Byron, as Deputy Director of Homeland Security, was assigned to confiscate the gold by going undercover as husband and wife with the captivating Kitty Koldwell from the IRS. He escaped death by the Muslim’s bombing, but would he die trying to get the gold after falling into Kitty’s ploy?

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