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Nutrition Tips

Here are some quick nutrition tips to consider about your own health:

  • Choose cereals that contain more than 3 grams of fiber per ounce or boost fiber content by adding a few tablespoons of a fiber-rich all-bran cereal to your favorite cereal.
  • Choose water or unsweetened (no-calorie) beverages with meals. Sugar sweetened beverages add calories without nutrition.
  • These menus include servings from each food group of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. Use these menus as a guide or model in planning your own healthful, balanced meals and snacks that include a wide variety of foods from each group of foods: grains and cereals, vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and low fat dairy foods.
  • Feel free to interchange any breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack within these menus to suit your preferences
  • Use Smart Balance 67% Buttery Spread in your favorite recipes that call for butter or margarine, to season vegetables, cooked grains, and as a spread on your breads or rolls. Smart Balance Light Spread is best used as a spread or topping.
  • Serve an extra fish meal per week (salmon, sardines, tuna, etc.) to increase Omega-3's.
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