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The Purpose of Praize Health - Fitness Channel
Our aim is to inform you of new developments in the health and fitness fields. We'll do the research; we have the resources. You get the results. The name of the game is 'current' and 'relevant' for today.
We have learned over the years that MOST ailments can be resolved by fixing three primary underlying causes:
You'll know if your blood sugar runs high when you feel extremely tired after eating, and the correct formula for high blood sugar is Sugar Reg, taken with meals. Obviously you need to focus on protein and vegetables, perhaps raw dairy and raw nuts and seeds to correct the diet . A protein snack every 2 hours is essential. Eating low fat food, diet food, or any food that is hydrogenated or chemical in nature causes the high blood sugar in the first place.
When you are weak, shaky, and have foggy thinking between meals or upon arising, this is low blood sugar. A common misconception is that you need more sugar, the worst mistake you could make. Eating a protein snack every 2 hours, not a sugary high carb snack, is the way to prevent the excessive insulin production that causes low blood sugar. HY-A is the best formula for low blood sugar, 2 capsules taken with meals.
#2 is a leaky gut: Every villi in the small intestine is lined with enterocytes, extremely small cells that exchange food to the bloodstream. These tiny cells are disrupted by gluten, leading the way for candida albicans and all sorts of bad bacteria to take up residence there. Many people, as high as 81% of Americans, are sensitive to gluten and should avoid it completely....not just people with diagnosed Celiacs disease. The best remedy for the gut is daily consumption of Probiotic Eleven, Proactazyme Plus or Food Enzymes, and a good (not a cheap imitation) Psyllium Hulls Combination. This is true prevention of colon issues, making early detection moot.
# 3 is Adrenal gland and Nervous system function: We have gone from a fast paced society to a break neck paced society, and all are experiencing the accompanying adrenal exhaustion. It used to be just the grown ups, but now I find children having a shocking number of adrenal issues as well. If you're not sleeping, feeling exhausted and relying on an energy source like caffeine and energy drinks, if you're emotionally out of control, think adrenal exhaustion.
Here are two of my all time FAVORITE combinations:
Nutricalm is a blend of B vitamins plus nervous system herbs. I take this every day, and give it to my family as well!
SAMe is used in Europe in lieu of anti depressant drugs, and is renouned for its mood and joint supportive qualities. I take this on an empty stomach every morning, for brain, liver, joint and mood support.
Let's put our health in order! God bless you and Live as healthy as you can!
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"The Simplest and Most Powerful NATURAL Detox Diet Proven to Boost Weight Loss, Dramatically Increase All-Day Energy, Help You Look 10 Years Younger, and Cleanse Your Body from Harmful Toxins!"
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