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Feeling Tired, Sluggish, or Depressed?
An improperly working thyroid can cause such symptoms, along with others like weight-gain, problems with memory, etc. It is thought that one-fifth of all chronic depression cases maybe due to an underactive thyroid. The symptoms listed above are just a fraction of the symptoms associated with thyroid disease but are symptoms we have learned to live with over time.

  • Feeling as if you are having a panic attack?

  • Your heart beating fast?

  • Nervous?

  • Irritable?

These can be signs of an overactive/underactive Thyroid. If you have experienced weight loss, even though you eat plenty, have weak muscles and soft nails, or maybe losing hair, it may not be stress causing this, but rather your Thyroid. The Thyroid plays a big part in our overall health as it regulates our body's metabolism and energy, the body's use of other hormones and vitamins, and the growth and maturation of body tissues. All types of thyroid problems in women are much more common than thyroid problems in men. Feeling as if you are having a panic attack?
A routine comprehensive thyroid test should be done every few years to keep your health in check and could restore the balance to your life if treated.
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