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Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of uneasiness in anticipation of an experience. Feeling anxious relates to the development of fears during infancy and childhood and to reactions to new and different situations. Some feelings of anxiety and fear are normal; however they can become a concern if they are unusually intense, and if they occur frequently in different contexts.
From Fearlessness to Caution
Between the moment of birth and 6 months of age, infants are open to new experiences such as meeting new people. At this age infants have difficulty telling people apart; thus young infants are often comfortable with being approached by strangers.
Around 6 months of age, infants begin to act cautious when they encounter new people, situations, and objects. The infant may look at a new experience with hesitation and uncertainty or a wary look. A wary look is characterized by the following:
  • Becoming quiet
  • Staring
  • Knitting one's brows
  • Gloomy expression
  • Looking away
This hesitation and uncertainty are expressions of mild anxiety and distress towards a new experience.
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