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A shelter to enjoy the pool all year round

If you live in an area where temperatures are not mild, you will not be able to fully enjoy your pool. It will therefore be necessary to look into a shelter since it protects your pond from January to December.

A remote control allows you to close your shelter without difficulty

If in the south of France, sunny days are the order of the day for several months, this is not the case for the rest of the country. It is therefore imperative to find a solution in adequacy with your will. Models of pool shelters at aladdinconcept are motorizable, they can satisfy this desire while bringing you maximum comfort. No need to switch on the manual mode, as only one remote control will be sufficient.

A shelter allows you to fully enjoy the joys of your pond

In addition, installing a pool in your garden requires a huge financial investment. It is therefore interesting to make it profitable in the long term with massive use throughout the year. A shelter has the means to contribute to this desire to prolong the pleasure even during winter. With an open-air swimming pool, it is normally impossible to enjoy a swim session because the temperatures are too cold. With this equipment, you put an end to this unpleasant situation since it is possible to enjoy a safe and enjoyable environment.

Safety and comfort are the two strong points of these shelters

The comfort is also brought by this motorization, thanks to a wireless remote control, you will have the possibility of opening and closing your shelter without any additional difficulty. Moreover, safety remains a strong point not to put aside, because children will not be able to enter this closed enclosure. It is an interesting guarantee of quality, every year at the same time, disturbing statistics are revealed concerning deaths.