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I use Joomla (CMS)

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I use Joomla (CMS)
Face it, html is plain and almost dead. There are FREE control management system (CMS) that can make your website better. Praize is a CMS, but a ugly one. Joomla is free, and the easiest to learn. There are others CMS but jooml's is the most friendly one. Drupal, another CMS, is more powerful and free but hard to learn. There are some professional websites like ifoodtv, popsugar, some mtv, and others that use drupal.

This is a site I did, but not live yet.

Image is too big to show here.

I did this using joomla which is made from PHP, and not html. This is just to let some people know whats out there. Hey if its free (open-source) why not try it?
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I too use Joomla and have been using it for my Ministry website at and also for the Carbondale Church of God at
Richard N. Piper IV
Executive Director
Media4God Ministries