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What is seen from the Lord for this generation of Born-again saints

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What is seen from the Lord for this generation of Born-again saints
What I see

What the Lord revealed to me long ago in a country far away outside the West

Long I have thought to write the revelations the Holy Spirit who is God and acknowledges Jesus Christ as God incarnate, but the Lord held back much, whilst revealing much of many other things. Now it is the night, time is short for the mystery of Gods whole revelation to be revealed.

Here is written mysteries and revelations that are true as much as the HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD.
However, many things here would take a separate teaching or prophecy to explain in depth, and the teachings and prophecies are stored, but yet to be released in full, simply due to how long it takes to write them.

Things I know, that are absolute, these revelations do not contradict the truth already revealed, but rather enhance them, for to understand God is intense love is the truth, but to understand God is white hot vengeance is also true.

Love is agreement with truth, those who do not want both sides of the coin have already been prayed for in the prescence of the Ruach of God, the Holy Spirit that they are - ultimately - depending on what God sees, cast into the portion of the unsaved, as they wanted merely the love of God, but not the truth. Those prayers were sealed long ago, and the Lord has confirmed in prophetic revelation that all is set, and cannot be changed.

Lukewarm Christians who soak in the presence of the Lord, increasing heresy, heap up their accountability, and have been forbidden to even repent by the Lord - this is scripture. Now this doesn't contradict, that there are those who shall repent, this is also predestined as well as other mysterious concepts of the Kingdom.

Revelations from 1990s - Before the Night

1) Intense ultra powerful dimensional Love !

I saw and understood, and was in the anointing of love that makes the Toronto Blessing seem like a drop in the ocean, compared to what the Lord revealed to me.

This love was revealed in all wisdom, I saw visions and glory I cannot describe fully, Universes of Universes, Star Systems, Galaxies, the Revelation of Gods majesty revealed in His creation, concepts, laws, wisdom, the mind of Christ in revealing the Gospel scriptures.

2) Intense Wrath

I saw Gods love been outpoured on a born-again generation of Christians who were untrue, unsubmissive, unyielding, praising and soaking in Gods presence, whilst the Lord outpoured His love and power.

I saw God was revealing to them His CALLING TO OBEY HIM, but they misinterpreted this as Gods Approval, and built heresy after heresy to justify their reluctance to be convicted by the Holy Spirit.

They were misleading, and mislead, misguided, and cowardly, looking to their leaders, referring the work they were called to do to another, believing in a misrepresentation of Biblical truth, receiving answers to prayers, they believed no repentance was needed, no true soul searching, no changing their lives, seeking a format of what God had called them to, and the world has suffered for their disobedience.

God grieved and grieved and grieved and grieved, and sent His Angels commissioning them to minister to His people, even more blessing ! So that the people thought it was God Himself ministering, when it was the Angels of God, for God has cut himself off from them in part (This is also found in Exodus, where the Lord says, I have appointed the Angel of God to minister to you instead, for he has received the power of the name of God)

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. 21 Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him.

When I go to a church service the Angels actually tell me what is being worked out, and approve of what the Holy Spirit shows me, I see many Angels in church services, they are blessing because they were given a commission, the Lord himself - if its not misunderstood - is not there.

3) Consequences.

When a church took over in a high crime city, they rebuilt some of the city, as a consequence, the government, rebuilt the city also, and crime stopped, and the Kingdom took over.

What this means, what is understood from this is that the city or the country is blessed or not blessed according to the sound mindedness of born-again Chrisitans.

If Christians refuse truth, the Government refuses truth.

The wrath of God is intense against not the Governments, but against lukewarm believers who have, through their disobedience brought Governments that are so corrupt, that the current system in western countries is now a slave system.

It is your fault, the saints who refused truth, and you were held to account by powerful prayer warriors and prophets in the presence of God long ago when the future was revealed to them. God works from the past, now and the future, so God has used His people, but they were set asided for the lake long ago, this is similar to when God spared Israel at Mount Sinai, but told them, 'I spared you, but in the time of judgement I shall surely bring my judgement against you for your enmity to Yahweh and the plan of holiness.'

But the Lord said to Moses, “Whoever has sinned against me I will blot out of my book. 34 But now go, lead the people to the place about which I have spoken to you; see, my angel shall go in front of you. Nevertheless, when the day comes for punishment, I will punish them for their sin.”
Exodus 32:33,44

This is the prayer that was prayed in 1990 for the new generation of 'Grace' Christians who emerged from that generation, because they completely distorted and maligned the Scriptures concerning Grace.

Matthew 7:21-23 requires obedience to the GOSPELS.


'I the Lord do require a repentance from you'

'I thought I made it clear in My Word to obey Me'

Many shall say 'But Lord, we praised you in church, and we really knew the sweet presence of God, we thought that was enough'

....The Lord shall reply - 'I never knew you, you were called to be true to My commandments, but you never truly listened with your heart, for if you had you would have seen the heaven you so longed for. Negligence of MY commandments is death. Depart from me you cursed into everlasting fire.;

Anyone who has known the torronto blessing knows that true obedience is no affliction to a Christian, God is to be feared, but God is cool, and gives peace to His anointed.

The Lord showed me the subversive plan of the enemy for the Apostle Paul, he was anointed, but so was even the unsaved indeed, with anointed revelation (this is another teaching to write). The Lord showed me Paul received inferior revelation, that even unsaved understand, Paul did receive so high level knowledge revelation, but even this was inferior, for love is greater than knowledge etc, and mistook it for his commissioning to instruct people.
The law and the life of revelation is good, so God would certainly anoint and bless people from reading much of Pauls letters, but God revealed that Paul had hardened his heart significantly in significant areas that actually took away the saints freedom, bring a callous obscurity to the saints, a long teaching to explain, but even a fool knows a women can teach, and if necessary thousands of prophets can prophesy in church etc etc.
Paul pointed people to him, whilst pointing them to the Lord, and even telling them not to be pointed to him, then taking it away from them by commanding them to obey him, Paul corrects this evil - the evil of 'following Paul' from heaven, again its wheat and weeds to explain it fully.

So that the church in its cowardess has a whole system of defence against Gospel wisdom, merely by quoting Paul.

Jesus zealously wants his people to SHARE their resources, not to be hindered by the world system, and so if possibly not get a job that takes all their hours, depriving them of intercession and prophecy and evangelism, and being free to walk in Gods true plan, so a job must be subject to Gods plan etc. But Paul commanded in his own name, the saints to do what he told them - 'GET A JOB !' in the name of Paul.

God zealously wants a women to teach from prophetic insight and revelation, and women are most apt to the gift of prophecy much more than men, and they are apt to revelation much more than men - that is if they submit to the Lord as they should, but PAUL rebuke this commanding, effectively, all women throughout earth not to teach, then Christians have to work out all sorts of stuff to try to make Pauls command for Women 'Truth', and teaching after teaching has been written about 'what Paul meant', because surely Paul could never be wrong.

God confirmed this through Rick Joyner, Morning Star Ministries, where Paul from Heaven tells people he wrote delusional lies in His letters along with revelation, he states he was anointed, and had true revelation, but he also states he was a liar and wrote complete delusions to the saints. God showed me this long ago - JESUS CHRIST IS GOD IN CARNATE TO THIS REVELATION.

All disobedient, lukewarm, believers love and cling to Paul, and have his letters at the ready poised to, unrepentadly, rebuke any form of Gospel Scripture that convicts them of non-love. The enemies own advice, according to scripture is [For goodness sake - listen to Paul He is the truth of God] - The book of Acts (paraphrased).

The NWO even released a Training video about how pleased they are with the Bible, mainly Paul, because he makes born-again believers stupid, giving them the ability to exploit plans of God as explained in 3) Consequences.

With Paul you have a depth of revelation, but you don't need it, you need the Holy Spirit, the Gospels and Conscience, and your good to go to heaven. The advice the Lord showed me, not limiting God, was to simply remove Pauls letters from the Bible., for those who think its evil, try living by Paul:

'I Paul command you to GET A JOB !, Don't help any widow under 60 ! Don't even think of prophesying in church more than three Prophets ! And if you upset unbelievers by praying in tongues in church together - woe to you ! Be prepared to gouge out your eyes for me ! And so much more - he was deceived, God acknowledges this, the Holy Spirit acknowledges this, Jesus Christ acknowledges this, although it takes much more to explain, because Paul incorporated his own ideologies with anointed revelation which is can be freely given to those who have the aptitude to receive it. Paul was competent but not obedient, he preached the gospel as a means to avoid his own persecution of true repenting, for he refused to be convicted by the Lord for his own life, making ministry a goal instead, depriving people of their God intended own uniqueness, he attempted to take over Gods individual plan for Christians, not knowing Gods plan for each situation, he wanted to grind the church to a pulp in his pseudo born-again pharisaicle zeal for the Cross of Christ - he was a fool of fools.'

Read Rick Joyners the Final Quest for more (cryptic) information about Paul, for he thought he was the greatest of Aposltes, and was deluded and taught the saints this lie, then would write some anointed wisdom, which any Christian could also write, whilst he did not walk in what he wrote, because he saw the revelation, but didn't see the need to repent, he thought by receiving revelation he was obeying it as he ought. Then in his blindness he tells people to follow him as he followed Christ, but acknowledges from Heaven that he was far away from agreeing with the truth, although he wrote much for the Lords glory, he had a way to glorify God, making him seem worthy, he wasn't.

The current Cannon suffers almost no persecuton - why, because what the Gospels give, Paul comes alongside and obscures, or takes away through lesser revelation, and his own presumptions of who God is and how God works, he was deceived by his own use of Gods calling, not seeing his own character flaws, because he was still a Pharisee believer till the end of his death, when he finally realised what he had done, and repented, - after doing the damage to the saints.

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