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We have many people who will be prophesying doom and gloom in the coming days and those that will be speaking unbelievable authority and the power of God being released in the days to come.
You want to know something both are probably true, I have had this undeniable sense of caution about the days a head with the weather problems and all. America faces catastrophic financial problems with damages to property after the tornados,many insurance groups may go under.
Many farm crops and farms have been destroyed,at least 10 towns of 50,000 or more have been leveled and you know what we still have the summer storm months to come. There are 100's of thousands of people with no where to go tonight with snow storms coming to 1/3 of the area that has been hit. People without the churches and only if the US govt turns to them is there a chance to go through this. Remember Egypt turned her back on Israel and every 1st born of that nation was taken but God walked Israel (Goshen) out of Egypt and through the Red Sea.
Do you know that just one of the smaller gyms in the wall around the Holy City is enough to get through this with enough left to have a bank account for the nation. Remember this that city is foursquare with 3 other wall 1500 miles long surrounding it.There are huge precious Jewels in each wall and the streets are the purest Gold.
God has the ability through the holy spirit to use you and for the prophectic ability to speak creative miracles into being. Remember when the world speaks the worst of doom and gloom--- God----has--not spoken yet!!!!!!!!
Your God does not how to say I can't or Idon't know so when the world speaks whose report will you believe
m7th--circle of revival