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I came up on the resurrection of this topic a few days ago and upon seeing it, if I were in sports car it might be said I put it in high gear and left it in the background. Since we are spiritual beings and led of the spirit He can change our course as he desires and I came back to it and was given some thoughts to write. In writing this we need to understand that this problem is with both male and female’s in a relationship.
If you disagree with the following I am trying to follow the Lord.
Masturbation--has a definition and despite whatever Webster might say; it is a desire and drive that the man or woman involved has control over. I remember at the hearing of a local Pastor when he said the women he was involved with couldn’t resist him and I laughed. That is the beginning of a problem with a man when he thinks more highly of himself than he ought to. Men use as an excuse the idea that the need for intimacy with a woman is uncontrollable. I find a problem with that when the Bible tells us that as you think in your heart so are you. The desire that we are speaking of is lust and in every occasion that it occurs outside of the Biblical standards set for it, it is SIN!!
We need to understand something here that little or big the instrument used, however you feel, was given to men for nothing more than creation in the first place. It is not as some men feel their God given way to bless some women. This sin left uncontrolled has brought down some strong men in the Pastoral office locally.
David felt the first desires that written about when he was on the roof of his home and looked across the way to the roof of the next palace and saw Bathsheba bathing. The thoughts that he had then were not praying about a Pentecostal meeting. He thought openly of her beauty and his impulsive need to have her. Now just suppose he had to deal with that desire without getting Bathsheba. I don’t think he got spiritual and prayed for her. No he had her brought to his chambers right then and afterward planned to have her husband murdered, so this could be a permanent thing.
Immediately he had to deal with the sin. Most men do not realize that the problem with sin doesn’t automatically stop with them but goes through the family unless they take time to deal with it and David did so.
A long time back I was asked to work with a young couple who were on their to a marriage destruction because for the most part he was out of control with this. He had no trouble in doing this in a room with his wife and children present. He didn’t think about the stains it usually left nor the odor that some times occurs. He didn’t think about his wife left to wonder if she was not enough for him.
I began to work with them and the marriage covenant and point out what he agreed to in marriage. His body became hers and she was his as they became one vessel before God.
The secret of marriage is this the Lord delights when you take pleasure in the creation of marriage that has for you. Marriage is a union not just a single purpose once in a while.
Think about Christ as the husbandman and his desire being only for you; what then is really the intent and purpose of the word in this?
m7th--circle of revival
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Re: [m7th] MASTURBATION In reply to
If, in a marriage, masturbation becomes a problem for either party then counseling should take place. However, if the act is done with lust then it is the lust that is the sin not the act. The Bible does not address the act although some try to force some scriptures to make it out to be sin. Is the act a sign of other problems? Could be.
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Re: [chaplainbob] MASTURBATION In reply to
 I think at this point we are dealing with the condition of the heart. Lust brings ou the imaginations of the heart.
There is room for this among the couple's consented relationship and the Bible backs it up but only be between the couple.
m7th--circle of revival