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Spiritual Awareness

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Spiritual Awareness

What are the spiritual consequences of taking drugs?

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Re: [slaneymark30] Spiritual Awareness In reply to
Hi and welcome to Praize.

If you were diagnosed as manic-depressive, you should have been prescribed drugs, such as, Lithium to maintain more normal levels of that substance for mood stabilization and also an anti-depressant. Xanax is something that a primary care doctor could prescribe for anxiety, but taking that like Tylenol is not the answer to manic-depression. It is an excellent drug for many to use for mild anxiety.

Instead you unfortunately chose to self-medicate with alcohol and more Xanax.

What all this has to do with spiritual awareness is beyond me, except that any time you tranquilize yourself and add alcohol, any sort of awareness of self gets tossed out the window.

You were not properly diagnosed, perhaps, and then given a drug for anxiety, which you mixed with alcohol to self-medicate away your setbacks in life.

So...yes positive attitude adjustment can get you out of your self-doubt and self-pity and the cycle of desperation and depression that is not actually manic-depression.

But... you write:

<<Doctors who prescribe medicine can help mental health problems temporarily, but Dave Hunt explains that psychology does not really mix with spirituality, for mental illnesses are closer to a myth compared to how the bible can heal. Growing in biblical knowledge is how you can overcome all mental illnesses, >>

That is a crock. Real mental illnesses require real therapy and real medicine to adjust the chemical imbalance. Faith can only support the believer during the trials of adjusting and living with mental illness; not a little thing to factor in at all, but obviously not necessary for all human beings.

Did you have a true manic episode accompanied with a true depressive episode? Or were you just given the trash-can diagnosis of bi-polar? And, then given a mild and common anxiety med for temporary relief?

There is a thread in "Hurting Christians" where we get into a long and heated discussion about mental illnesses. You could safely say that we are divided on this issue, but you might want to check out the thread just for kicks.

Still...whatever your outcome, if it continues to be positive, kudos to you and your methods. Just don't believe that Biblical Knowledge is all anyone needs to overcome mental illness. can believe anything you want, but I will continue to call you out on that belief.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."