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Examine yourself "As a man thinketh

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Examine yourself "As a man thinketh
Examine yourself "As a man thinketh so is he" Have faith in God continually and not doubt in your heart you have whatever you say". You think maybe you keep repeating the same sins over and over is because you believe you will or /and you believe you desire it? what makes a lie so dangerous is not only is the info wrong but it can alter the belief of the believer. Therefore changing their state of being by changing their state of mind

So you believe you are born again? I say amen! then you must also believe that old things are passed away and no longer believe you desire that sin or will fall into sin or believe you will fail resisting that sin Casting down all thoughts that are a hinderence to your Faith in God and your Faith in your Born Again , Washed in the BLood of Jesus state of Mind Keep your conscience clear and Keep your faith until the very last breath Love you in Jesus name Hold On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya on the other side hope we be praise partners up there!!! Fear Not Faith Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!