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Rebellion Against God

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Rebellion Against God
Rebellion is a way of life today, a nationally and individually. Government, media, and education policy is relentlessly removing every vestige of our nations heritage that relates to God, prayer, the Bible, and Christian values. For over 50 years faith in God and obedience to Him have been treated as vices rather than virtues and asked national liabilities rather than assets.
The the nations's capital is repeatedly embroiled in controversy overusing tax funds to teach sexual abstnence to our children in the public schools ---- even though such teaching is the only training that has proven helpful in stemming that tied of sexual promiscuity. Secularizers insist that government can finance condoms for children ,and have they get pregnant, provide them an abortion--- but since teaching of abstinence is based on the Bible and the Jewish and Christian religion ,. It is therefore illegitimate .. Such a prejudiced attitude not only ruins millions of our nations youth, but display open rebellion against the will and laws of God.

God Bless
Pastor Fred Wilson