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Bible Study / History

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Bible Study / History
I want to recommend a Bible study to you every Tuesday from 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm. You can see the lessons that have already been taught on by clicking on Teachings at the top of any page. Once that opens up, click on Multiple Ministries. You will see the picture there of my beautiful friends, Fred and Valerie Paine. The lessons are casual and comfortable, and are really enjoyable to listen to and watch while eating your lunch!

Of course, since they are on Praize, you can watch them any time... not just at lunch on Tuesdays. We are currently studying the book of Romans which will be available on line until May 31. The next lesson will be on First Corinthians. We will be discussing this at noon, Arizona time. on May 31. The days are flying by and we will be through the Bible before we know it.

I know that many of you on Praize have Bible studies at your church or in your town that you attend, but Fred and Valerie have made this SO easy. Just click on it every other Tuesday. The only hard part is remembering, but they have even made that easy by emailing a reminder the day before and again on Tuesday morning.

So check it out under "Teachings" on Praize, and then if you have questions, post here so others can get help as well.
Blessings ~ Sarah