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angels on our doorsteps

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angels on our doorsteps
 Now heres the stuff from the bible that really gets me.Not the stuff that is plain and beautiful like jesus words in red letters or the history stuff so much, but the stuff that isnt said. the stuff that is merely implied and the full meaning and ranifications dont get discussedand you have to piece it out and tease away at it and still it leaves a question in your head.


Hi angelsologists,heres the gist of my thread to you....

The apostle paul, warns us to be kind to strangers and treat them with compassion, because they may be angels....

This is my querry.

What would they be doing at my doorstep?

what i an wondering is what would men and angels be doing to be in contact?

Maybe the angel missed the opening of the giant stairway and had to stay over and needed a place for the night?

Not funny?well think about it.Because if angels are prone to visit men on earth,then the question begs to be answered as to why?also if they are walking around all that frquently then they must have a more active role in our universe than we are actually giving them credit for no?

We are to be kind to strangers because mmen have entertained angels at times in their homes, probably unknowingly by the way it is inferred in the bible.but still what do they do here on earth? though they are also watchers,this doesnt seem to apply to that circumstance.any clues??????
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Well its early yet but i hope someone has a few ideas as to how men and angels interact on a normal basis.I find it exhiarating that we could actually meet an angel here and now on this earth.

Would we nessessarily get let in on it though?Would they normally let men know of their presece?Under what circumstanes?

How would one address them?Much less serve them.......i am assuming that we would invite them to have supper with us.....

would they show up as a test of our commitment?Or maybe to help us in the right direction?

Do they come in answer to prayer still?as in the old testament?if one asks in earnest prayer for some guidance or clarification do they send an angel occaisionally to get us back on track?

Or have the heavens been sealed since that day when they crucfied our God?Did the renting of the viel in the holy of holies mean that our communication line was now cut off from direct to through Jesus Christ alone?

I am greatly curious to know if you believe that we still have angels interacting with us on a daily basis to move forward the Word Of God?Or to resue a lost sheep,or lead a stryed one to the fold.....get back to me with your more lucid thoughts......