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The Magnificent Seven.......

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The Magnificent Seven.......
Seven Angels stand before the throne of God-they are -















7)Devine Awfullness

The seven are the archangels i presume.Under which the individual angels toil over us.....

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The seven angels listed are the great angels who are responsible for the smooth operation of the cosmos.

According to what i have picked up,there are many heavenly angels ,possibly more than humans..

The seraphim and cherubim,are the ones wh work more directly with us and through us (we hope)And never turn away a stranger in need because it may even be an angel standing there testing your faith....(i like that one a lot...)

There was an altercation that took place in the book of Dan.This was a scrap between a heavenly messenger that was sent to answer Daniels prayer.And a King of Persia.(literally)Now this king was a human i think tho he is not described...could have been part Annunaki i suppose...(ofspring of the fallen watchers who defiled themselves with human women,)But it is a side to the gist of the story which has Daniel fasting 3 weeks to get an answer to his prayer.But he was persistent in fast and because the angel was late from scrapping with this evil king,he had to go nearly the three full weeks before the angel could get away from the battle he was having with this persian king.In fact The angel Michael had to stand up and get in the fight so the messenger could leave and get to Daniel.

What is signifigant are several deductions that can be made about the situation.....

1)Angels are actively involved with skirmishes and major warfare with the forces of evil,on a daily basis.That is satans minions do certain things to spoil something,and the angels restore the beauty and love in it.Roughly speaking, they continue to grapple in spiritual and even physical warfare 24/7 all year long.

2)Angels generally have the upper hand in these battles but it is not without danger to the participants of either side.

There is a stream of heavenly beings comming and going to and fro to earth and back to heaven all the time.Angels are not male female as humans are.They are spirtual beings who have eternal life.

4)Both men and demons organize and execute activity which is anti christ in is nature.I think the angels are well equipped to deal with these evil abnormalities as they occur in the known universe.And where you will find a crisis or situation of importance to God,there you will find at least one angel hanging out and steering things to go the way our Father wants it to.Perhaps many angels as in a choir of them......

There must be a huge legion of Seraphim to do the job of saving all men which i believe is Gods ultimate goal.

Well gnight
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Re: The Magnificent Seven....... In reply to
  I like how you presented the seven spirits of God, but how do you know that those names are actually those of seven archangels?