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Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit.

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Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit.

Hullo,angel fans....(get it?)

Well,if your not into baseball,then you are excused......

Seriously,i write you to see if you are willing to help list some of the pertinent facts and information about these Angekic heroes of Gods Kingdom.

Though 1/3 of the heavenly host(of angel beings i presume)has in the past,revolted and followed the evil angel satan,these beings of spirit,have served our heavenly Fathers will for nearly an eternity.

When the universe was created,the morning stars sang together,and the sons of God rang forth a mighty shout.(the consensus being that these were angels,)

It can be inferred that the angels then were established in the heavens from even before the world was.

I have heard various totals but the gist being that there is a council,or circle of senior angels called arch angels whose shoulders bear the responsibility for the smooth operation of the universe,as well as the administration.

Below these high ranking supervisors,the rank and file angels go about their various tasks.

Though we may have to do a certain amount of "reverse engineering,"it may be edifying to us if we could form a picture of the order of things as they transpire in the higherarchy of heaven.

Jesus is not included as an angel per se,for he is the only begotten son.but under his stewardship,the archangels labour.

Personally, i only know of Gabriel,as an archangel,for sure,

But the bible does mention others.....aaanybody???

The ordinary(if the is such)angels,are divided into groups that specialize in certain responsibilities.

Of these are Saraphim-Cherubim,and others.....anybody????

The duties of an angel, consist of doing the will of God.

From carrying messages to humans who have been chosen for tasks,to announcing to the world the comming of certain events,the angels have been heavenly messengers since the beginning.

We know that there are guardian angels whos responsibilities lie in protecting ssimply put they can be assigned to protect anything from the ark of the covenant,to a little baby n a basket of reeds.At the gate of the garden of eden stands an angel with a flaming keep us out!

God has charged the angels at times to be warriors for the kingdom of god,in the literal sense.They have fought satan,and all the 1/3 heavenly host that rebelled way back.As well as can be expected we have fought alongside the angels in whatever way we have been allowed.

in the past men and angels have worked side by side to do thingds like stash the ark in a cave before the romans tore down the walls of jerusalem,and defiled it along with the temple and its accouterments.the angel knows where the ark is burryd to this day,.
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Re: Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit. In reply to
messenger-do you think that some of the ufo activity that has been reported could be angelic in nature?

There is,in ezekiel,a description of what sounds mighty like a modern ufo report.

Now this is a very detailed and comprehensive discription.

What the writer sees is i believe the throne of God.(his words)

what it sounds like is a flyig saucer.

Now i am wondering if there are heavenly journeys to and from the earth made by angels,that we interpret as UFO sightings.

If one thinks of the physics of an angel trqavelling from heaven to the earth,it becomes possible to imagine that there may be physical signs that when we understand what is occuring,will indicate that we are or have been visited by heavenly beings on their heavenly business.

Being spirit is not the same state as being in a physical body.

But it may have physical manefestation in some one or other small way.(or large way for that)give it some thought...

let me know if it grows on you....gnight
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Re: Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit. In reply to
  I think I've read what you're talking about. It refers to the ark with cherubims that have different faces and four wheels and it seems to fly at a slow speed.
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Re: Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit. In reply to
aand when it moves it just goes from place to pace without effort or turning or anything.........The throne of God...............
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Re: Messenger/Guardian/Soldier of the Spirit. In reply to
  I like the introduction the joke you had placed there was a bit passable. It was a acceptable ambulation on the role of angels. I appreciate what you typed and if you have any more information you can go the the required forum that deals with this topic and to find out the names of those other angels!