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How to improve my blog.

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How to improve my blog.
Good morning.

Would you please help me? Does anyone know how to put clip art or photo's on our blogs? Is it possable to add music to our blogs?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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Re: [moomoosbuddy] How to improve my blog. In reply to
I have been told you can if you know HTML. I will be praying for others to reply.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [moomoosbuddy] How to improve my blog. In reply to
Whenever you use one of the many post/PM/blog MARKUP buttons, like inserting an emoticon Smile , changing font style, size, color using the font format buttons, etc. you are using symbols (icons) that indirectly put HTML "tags" around words on the page that are not visible to your readers. Most folks reading your blog can see the results of those hidden markups because their computers recognize the markup language as well as your text. In the same page you type text in you could use entirely HTML commands while ignoring the buttons directly by typing them in, making your blog appear exactly the way you imagine it to be, adding images, gifs, sound, etc.. Either memorize them or use a cheat sheet. A good place to begin learning is at I just used the HTML editor to make that link so you can click on it and go right to it.

Upon opening a new blog page notice the emoticon smiley face, then the icon to the right of it. Hover the mouse pointer over it to see it adds media. You can add files in Windows Media format and several others. It's pretty simple to add a graphic image to your blog, but it needs to be saved on the Praize server unless there's extra capacity I'm not aware of. HTML language use is most suited to creating your web site pages that are served by your ISP or other server host. On Praize I figure all your source files will have to be served up from the Praize host, the files residing on Praize servers supported by their ISP.

Music. It isn't easy. I don't know the process required here, but you would need to put your music file on the Praize server before embedding it in your blog page, or on a personal web site linked to Praize. The file, like a MP3 song file on your computer must be moved to the Praize server or linked to another 24/7 server so that when users here click on your blog the song can be searched for and opened to play. It can be set up to play automatically (not recommended), or upon clicking an invitation line or button to hear it, depending on how you write the HTML command lines.

In addition to making that work on your computer, not all user computers are set up to read your type music file, so that gets you into the need to convert the file into other file types. That's a challenge. It might work if a user is using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but maybe not Netscape, Safari, Red Hat, or Firefox. For them you might have to keep changing your source files, providing multiple song files supported by each browser, and sometimes offer a plug-in to be downloaded so they can listen.

Hope that points you right. May your efforts be blessed.
Be fishers of men.....DG

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