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Wanted: Mighty Men of God

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Wanted: Mighty Men of God
God Is looking for a few good men!

Men who will answer the call of God in Eph chapter 6 who will put on the armor of God and go forth on their knees and fight the heavenly forces which all of the world, including those who put messages on the Praize forms, we talk about.

Lets stop focusing on the winds of evil (like Peter did on the seas of ancient Galilee.

Let those who call themselves Christians Men go to their knees in daily repentance for the body of Christ in America, which allow the enemy to distract from daily study of the Holy Word of Yahweh.

Come let us join together around the table of Christ in Agape laying aside all those things of the world, which so easily distract us from the things of Yahweh.

Praise Ye the Lord.

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice in the Lord!

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r u aware ur message says and fight the heavenly forces-not for the heavenly forces?