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Satan Is Now Working Overtime

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Satan Is Now Working Overtime
Since we are getting close to the rapture,Satan is working long hours these days,trying to keep as many in the world as he can.It is normal for Christians to show only contempt for him,but if we are honest,we should give him credit for being as powerful and successful as he is.His most recent success is the movie The Da Vinci Code which has even some Christians believing that blasphemy is perfectly fine as long as it's entertaining fiction.The question "what would Jesus do?" is relevant here because the book and film rob Him of His divinity.

The United States,which used to be the spiritual power-house in the world,is being beaten into a moral pulp because Satan has deceived its leaders into paying for never-ending war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq in order to create a new fundamentalist Islamic law nation with close ties to the radical Muslims who control Iran,so that Iraq will join in with Iran to destroy Israel,just as the Bible states.

Some of Satan's best work however has been in Christian churches by convincing an increasing number of ministers to teach his lie which he made popular in the Garden of Eden,specifically that once we are saved we can never lose our salvation no matter how much we disobey God.He has been so successful with that death-producing deceit,that he now has many of his new converts preaching an even more deadly message,specifically that God forgives us automatically when we sin and therefore it is totally unecessary to even repent for our sins.This satanic teaching makes a whole lot of sense since Jesus taught that if we do not repent for our sins we will perish (no "once saved always saved "there) and perishing is what Satan loves to get people to do.SELF-DESTRUCTION IS HIS FAVORITE GAME.
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I agree.

I also think that Satan uses the Church with out them knowing it.

It is like the ultimate decite, use Christian to put non belivers off jesus. One bone of contention is christans appearing to repent accept Jesus and Know your born again then you can do what you like lie, cheat, kill and still get to heaven, while some person working for peace goes to hell. When you do have christans with that I now longer have to repent it creates a bad witness. And In some ways christins that go on and on about satan so much and like really boost his ego don't help. non belivers think that if I get saved I might end up becoming obbsessed like that and get ill no thanks.

Iam not really sure where the scripture backing up being once saved always saved is. but that idea seems like you can get saved then after a few years go off practise the occult regect christ and still be saved. Seems odd