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Exorcism Today ?
Many forms of exorcism have been practiced by the Church from her

beginning. In preparation for baptism, catechumens receive minor

exorcisms whereby the Church prays that they be freed from sin and

the influence of the evil one. Likewise, the Liturgy of Baptism

itself includes a renunciation of Satan and all his works and the

Rite for the Baptism of Children includes a prayer of exorcism which

asks God to set the children free from original sin and makes them

temples of God's glory, sending the Holy Spirit to dwell within

them. These rites recall that through the waters of Baptism all may

participate in the victory of Christ over sin, the devil and his


Even those reborn in Christ, however, experience temptation and must

be vigilant in prayer and sobriety of life. At, we

strive to be your total Christian resource center. With topics which

range from lives of the saints yesterday and today, to modern day

miracles and prophecy in todays news, you will find it here! Please

feel free to post in our Exciting Forums!! Prayer requests will be

answered daily. Also with a special emphasis on deliverance,

exorcisim, and spiritual attacks, you will find us a valuable site

for todays hectic Christian believers