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Free book download

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Free book download

Five days free – my latest project has been to do a majoredit of Talking Fire Hand and now I have set it to be a free download fromAmazon Kindle edition from October 16th to October 21st.

Download your copy and tell me what you think of it inAmazon’s comments, please. Thank you all.

Remember, only the 2013 edition is free. It can be foundhere;

There is a free app on the right side of their web page which you can download and have kindle onyour computer or phone.

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Re: [stephen0porter] Free book download In reply to
Thank you for posting this, Stephen! I checked on Amazon and saw that one is actually able to obtain a Kindle-type download for computer. Unfortunately, my computer is past the age of taking any more large downloads. I am praying for a new one and a Kindle!
But again, I believe it is awesome that you were able to offer this. Thank you.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Free book download In reply to
Thanks, Sarah. I don't think the app is very big and books are all text files. I think Talking Fire Hand is only 35 mb, which is pretty small but I hope you get a new, bigger computer soon. Your posts are very valuable and we wouldn't want to miss any. Smile