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Confessions of a Church Hopper

Confessions of a Church Hopper
Posting news of my first published short story which chronicles the spiritual journey of a church hopping Christian through the process of seeking to the importance of church attendance and membership. Written with honesty, humor and love for the encouragement of those who seek the Lord and to uplift those who are or have been "church hoppers".

now available online at amazon and barnes and noble

please visit my facebook page at

or my website

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maryannthipiebane: Sep 23, 2012, 8:31 AM
Re: [maryannthipiebane] Confessions of a Church Hopper In reply to
Why don't you contact the owners of this site and buy ads to help support this ministry? It's a little annoying to go to a post to find out it's only an ad.
In His Service
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Mary, there are a couple things you can do here to advertise your book:
1. God to Categories / Sponsoring Partners. There you have an opportunity to put banner ads on Praize.
2. You can put exerpts from your own writings in your blog. At the end of your blog you can add a four-line signature which can include a URL to your site.

Posting ads in forums is not allowed. Please go to to read the very short Terms and Agreements for posting on Praize. It is important that you become familiar with these as you say that you agree to them every time you post.
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